Our Story


The seeds for the Minds In Motion KW Walking Classic began with Dave and Sue Lewis, whose lives were forever changed when their son was hospitalized with a psychotic illness.

They felt unprepared for the journey they were embarking on to support their son’s mental health recovery, and soon realized that they were not alone in their frustrations. They became committed to mental health advocacy in their community and searched for a way to support other family members and move toward a more inclusive, supportive and educated society.

At the same time they also realized that walking together as a family was a way to cope with their son’s illness, and decided to share the benefits of walking with others in similar situations.

It seemed that there were few events that championed mental health in their community, and so the idea of an annual walking race was born.

The goals of the race are to:

Provide goals for individuals using physical activity to promote recovery and for the community of competitive walkers.
Highlight the benefits of walking as a means to better health and well being for all the members of our community.
Champion mental health awareness and the link between physical and mental well-being.

Since its first race event in 2008, from these seeds have grown an annual walking race attended by hundreds of people dedicated to Minds and Motion and its goals.

“Walking is the catalyst… If I’m feeling bad I know that a walk will make me feel better. If I’m feeling good I know a walk will make me feel better. It’s a win-win situation for me to go walking, for anyone to go walking”

— A participant