Shoe Fund


Walk for Someone Else’s Shoes

One barrier to physical activity that currently exists for many, especially those on limited income, is the high cost of fitness ‘gear’. To help address this need, all funds pledged and donated for the KW Walking Classic are used to equip persons facing serious mental health challenges with proper fitting athletic shoes and access to lifestyle enhancing activities. Many of these individuals are being supported through ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) or have minimum wage jobs and do not have the means to purchase adequate footwear for walking.

 Kim’s Walking Story  

Please take a few minutes to watch this YouTube Video … Kim’s story is compelling and gives a wonderful overview of the Minds In Motion Initiative and its goals … thank you Kim!

In their own words…

“[The therapist] told me there would be a pair of running shoes when I left the hospital and that the shoes were available if people were going to use them. That helped me enormously. I felt responsible for making good use of my new shoes. I did make it to the YMCA, I did walk the track, I did go swimming, I attended yoga and Tai Chi classes… and I chose to walk the 10 km rather than the 5 km when the Minds in Motion walk finally became a reality.”

-– A participant