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Minds in Motion Initiative (MIMI) is an Ontario Trillium Grant sponsored project designed to further the goals of the Minds in Motion, KW Walking Classic. The primary goal of the grant is the creation of a Minds in Motion “Toolbox” to be used in the establishment of other similar walking events across Ontario.
One of the mandates of the Minds in Motion Initiative is to enlist the support of a researcher who can create documented evidence as to the impact that our event and participation in regular walking groups has upon the mental and physical health of members of our community. This research will then be published in selected publications and presented to appropriate conferences. Our researcher, Livia Dittmer, is a PhD student from Laurier University who is under the supervision of the Faculty of Psychology.
On March 25, there will be a Community Gathering at the Tannery Events Centre, in Kitchener. This will be an opportunity for Livia to present the findings of her initial research and to enlist the collaborative input of participants with regard to the goals of her continuing research. The gathering will have in attendance: area politicians, corporate sponsors, participants in MIMI research, members of the Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic Race Committee and mental health service providers. If you are interesting in learning more about the Community Gathering please call 519 743 8172.

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